Cool and Best Office Gadgets

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Office life can be boring and monotonous at times. Work can go from easy to tough in no time while you are at the office. Thankfully the modern technology offers us some gadgets which will help us cope up with the daily work life.

Here are the 10 best office gadgets that you must have.

Rugged RAID


This is a cue little storage device which allows you to back up all your data quickly so that you can have all the data you want on the go. This office gadget also helps in securing your backup data.

Boingo Wi-Fi Subscription


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Coming at a price of just $4.98, this office gadget helps you to connect to reliable Wi-Fi hotspots in a jiffy. PassPoint allows you to connect with secure Wi-Fi without the need of a password.

USB Coffee Warmer


This is a must have office gadget for those who can’t live without coffee. This little portable USB device helps you to keep your coffee at a temperature of 104°F even at your office table.



Are you looking for a security device which will also provide lighting? Well, NuBryte does them both. It also helps in keeping a track of the energy consumption of your office space.

Sulon Cortex


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If you are a developer, this office gadget is bound to help you to view the problems from a more realistic point. This headgear provides you with precise simulation with the help of its spatial scanner and digital visor.

SMART kapp


This office gadget helps to collaborate your kapp with the laptop so that you can capture everything written on it and instantly share it with meeting participants who are not present in the conference room.



SenseHud is a cool combination of GPS and mobile device which allows the drivers to keep a track of the road related features like speed and direction along with other official information like phone calls and messages received.

Optimus Popularis


This is one cool office gadget which allows you to type even in a dark surrounding. This keyboard is actually made up of LCD screen keys which also allow you to customize them according to your needs.

HP ZBook 15u Workstation Ultrabook


This is a cool work station provided by HP and what makes it unique is the fact that it is a combo of high performance 3D device and storage device smashed up into one.

SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0


This is a USB storage as well as micro USB connector which helps in connecting your computer with any Android device providing an instant increase in storage of 64 GB. It is an on the go office gadget which is sure to enhance your working speed.

These are some of the most advanced must have and useful office gadgets which are bound to ease the lives of the daily office goers. These best office gadgets will also make your office a fun space to work in. Hopefully these cool and best office gadgets will help you to enhance your daily work experience.

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